Our Heads Often Used To Swim

by Raise High These Roof Beams

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released March 14, 2014

Jeremy Leasure - Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Banjo, and Organ
Braden Nelson - Piano, Organ, Acoustic Guitar
Morgan Nelson - Electric Guitar, Singing Saw, Backing Vocals
Jay Odebunmi - Drums & Percussion
Rebekah Mosqueda - Backing Vocals
Bradford Muus - Piano, Organ
Justin Joyce - Stand Up Bass
Sarah Sturgis - Talking Tracks

Tracks 2-6 recorded live to tape at Nelson Homedela's by Braden Nelson with minimal overdubs.


tags: folk Fullerton


all rights reserved


Raise High These Roof Beams Fullerton, California

The singer/songwriter efforts of Jeremy Leasure with enlisted help from many friends.

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Track Name: Shedding Feathers
I can't let things go,
For it's well known,
Hawks don't share with their own,
Borne to let dreams walk,
Despite my wish to lock,
In the time I waste on all others thoughts

How do I set aside my lines,
To fit into all others designs

How can I lean on through,
When keen eyes spy,
The ruffled feathers shed to let me fly,
From above perspectives all new,
Where to go when you undo,
The chains that had only grounded you

How does this letting go feel,
To understand life's moving appeal,
To what's apparently not always real
Track Name: Blankets
Your stone is an unstead wave,
Stand alone ripple made,
Of a piece with letting go,
Of those lasting drears,

Standard fate appeal,
Grown by time steered clear,
Wondering if adjustments,
Should be made blind,

It's just so warm in here, the air is like blankets,
Taken for what it is, the times are changin,
Not just falling back, no we're springin forward,
It's just so warm in here,

Tomorrow I think I'll sleep in late,
Train my tines to relate,
Bordered on by bowered wants,
To guess what's in your best interest,

I'll upstage a direct appeal,
My strange attraction to what feels real,
Stand as stone overcome by,
Wrecked nerves finally released

It's just so warm in here, The air is like blankets,
Taken for what it is, the times are changin,
Not just springin' forward, no We're fallin backwards,
It's just so warm in here
Track Name: Nebraska 2-1-0
Almost drove into the 405 divider,
Took too many scans to my right,
What unease projects onto me brighter,
Found its home nestled up tight,

The couple next to us made out for days,
Quickly learned to ignore my side,
Resting between godspeed and haste,
A sense of brevity might've sufficed,

A caustic wit drowned out the tension,
internally my insides were dry,
Bruce Dern took on his lone desire,
While bleakness reigned over mine

And I can't breathe,
Frankly, I'm past the need,

Unencumbered by this point in life,
It's no stretch to look out wide,
The scope of your laugh prized aside,
It took me a moment to resign,

Midwest planes bowed to misled gains,
A drive from Billings might take two days,
So what if I know how to drive the back way,
Your house only counts if I can stay,

If I had a chance and with it some stakes,
I'd hedge my bets to lay it down and stay,
But my guess is as good as any others,
Sometimes rested hearts still delay

I can see,
That's just as it should be,
And I can see,
Sometimes life just lets these things be
Track Name: Head Swimming
Grab a second's notice to steer me,
An apple unfurnished to disagree,
As if a sigh was news to read,
For a long performance hesitantly,

For another night out act cooly,
Arms folded cross to hear distantly,
A song about strong swimmers,
Caught up in the wash's return

And it dawned on me that maybe,
This when broken down caters,
Less to what's real than what's found,

The DJ riffs Adrian Orange's singing,
Plays dub to all my head's swimming,
A benefit to those who need to numb,
It's mutual to sometimes feel undone,

Your quiet look can knock me down,
Making sense in smaller rounds,
In my own way I tend to run,
Pulling back when I touch solid ground,

And it came to me that somehow,
To turn, to stay, to learn, is the only,
Way I'll float up to discern
Track Name: Gathering Moss
Casting off all belief and going it alone,
By gathering moss and weighing heavier, leaves a mark,
I've aged my self a bit, forced in measure to what I am prone,
I brace and mar that I find foundation in an upturned rock,

Yet I still stay blue

Reach the back end, wound my head up in another stage of youth,
Groom the court for the walk of less rapport, sore yet tuned,
Frank in details, shy for lessons about time's let loose,
An act of progression, a minor possession without grace accrued,

Yet I still ran to